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What To Look for When Buying A Gaming Laptop

A well equipped and capable laptop is a requisite requirement if you want to enjoy your gaming experience. Glitches like lagging at the crucial moment or the collapse of your machine can make for an unpleasant gaming experience. The good news is that there are numerous options to choose from when you want a good gaming laptop. A gaming laptop is quite different from your standard one, and this is necessary since some games are very demanding in terms of resources. The following are some of the things you need to look out for when buying a laptop for online gaming.

1. Graphics

Graphics in this case refers to the GPU of the laptop. The GPU is a microchip mainly responsible for calculations and 3D rendering. In simple terms the graphics card is process data which is then shown on the monitor in form of images. During gaming there are a lot of images to be processed and this means that the graphic card is working overtime.

For a smoother gaming experience the GPU has to be of a high rating and with its own dedicated memory.  For a more in depth tutorial of what graphics are needed, see this review for the top laptops for gaming in 2017.

2. Display

If you have a good graphic card that can process faster frame rates you need to back it up with an equally impressive display. You need that color and a high level of detail to get the best out of your playing time. The basic minimum in terms of resolution should be 1920 X 1080. The preference on the size of the monitor is relative but the bigger the better although going by this you will have to compromise on portability.

3. CPU and RAM

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) deals in processing stored program instructions. Apart from the gaming, it also affects other aspects of your laptop like the browser. It is crucial in the gaming process if you want to have smooth gameplay. In this case an Intel quad core CPU is an ideal set up. The RAM acts as a storage and it should be big enough to store the needed content. During gameplay, the processor and GPU get data from the RAM process it and then send it back to the RAM.

4. Keyboards and Touch pads

A keyboard is an important part of your set up since you will be using it a lot. A good keyboard should an adequate key travel, enable customization and possess anti-ghosting. Anti-ghosting means that you should be able to press multiple buttons at once and they should all be captured. The feel of the touch/track pad is relative but it should be sensitive to slight touches without lag.