What is The Hunting Lodge??

The Hunting Lodge (http://www.brigwyn.com) was created to be a community site. A place for reference, news, ideas, discussions etc.. just for hunters (ALL hunters).

At The Lodge blog, you can find much of the same content or similar on other sites, and I’ll even admit to referencing, linking, and using items that others around the net have created. In all cases I try to make sure and give proper credit where it is due, along with linking to the original site content. These same rules apply to posts in the forums. I try and make sure that the posters supply links and properly give credit to the source.

Over at The Hunting Lodge Forums, you’ll find positive,  fun, honest, and open discussions regarding hunters or other things that might promote a Hunter community.  We stress community and help everyone from the beginning hunter, to the most elite raider.

Now, whatever you may think about the site. EVERYONE needs to know it is not driven by numbers. There are no ads, the site generates NO revenue.

For those that have chosen to visit The Lodge or the Lodge Forums, I am grateful you have.

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