Children’s Week Child’s Play Charity Auction Update

I thought it would be a great time to get a small update on the Child’s Play Charity Auction.

The support and response has been tremendous.  Not a day has gone by over the last week that someone hasn’t reached out and said, “This is great! How can I help?”

We’re having blogs link to us and help spread the word.  Not only that, I’m getting email, shout outs on Twitter, as well as comments here at the Lodge.

Some are also asking, besides Child’s Play being an awesome charity, why have I picked them?   So here’s a quick testimonial on how Child’s Play helped us and more importantly my son during a scary period in our lives.

Just before my son was to be born, we heard that my aunt had been diagnosed with genetic condition called Stickler Syndrom.   Of course we did as every expecting parent does, off we go to WebMD and search up Stickler’s Syndrom to see what it is.

Now nothing will scare a first time parent more than reading WebMD’s description on a genetic condition.  It turned out that this particular syndrom is autosomal dominant, a fancy word meaning only one parent needs to have the gene.  And it has a whole host of nasty possibilities.

See it causes a disruption with collagen which is can be referred to as the glue for connective tissues.  Simple terms, every major organ uses this and it can cause a range of birth defects as well as having negative effects later in life.

The more we read the more we learned our first child was runnig the risk of having some serious health issues like:

  • Malformed heart valves
  • Cleft Pallet
  • Spina Bifida
  • Crippling Infantile Arthritis
  • Blindness
  • and other nastiness

Well that did it.  Great going Brig you’re going to be responsible every possible bad thing you could ever imagine happening to your first child.  Now I’m panicking that’s for sure.

Well, we know this is a possibility, what do we do?  Reach out to your local Geneticists and get prepared for the worst, right?  That’s were we started having our first experience with Child’s Play.

See our Geneticist was located at  the local children’s hospital.  We walked into the office and we were seeing children with some heartbreaking conditions.  But the  mood wasn’t all doom and gloom.  Actually, there was the sound of children lauging and the faint sound of Mario music in the doctor’s office.

See Child’s Play had set up a Nintendo system and gave some games to the office to help families have something to keep their mind off of the diagnosis.

Well, it turned out my son did inheirent the gene and he had sticklers.  But with much gratitude to your choice of higher powers he’s symptoms were like mine extremely mild with only a small pallet deformity, digestive issues, and most definitely my ear problems. Poor guy, still gets ear infections.  :(

Over the next 10 years we’ve been in and out of the hospital for various tests, follow-ups, minor surgeries to correct lingering symptoms.  But gratefully nothing major.

And with every visit, my son has never once been afraid.  We’ve been extremely fortunate to be at hospitals that were supported by Child’s Play.   My son would be able to play video games, borrow games for his Gameboy and now DS when he wasn’t to get up and move around.

My son is doing great like I said, we were fortunate.  And I’m sure there are many families that must face a day-to-day struggle with going in and out of treatments, hospitals, and specialists offices, that make my fade away by comparison.

However, I am also certain that it is organizations like Child’s Play that help make these times of trial a bit more bearable if for nothing more than helping us hear the sound of a child’s laugh.

So that’s why I have decided to make Child’s Play the official charity of The Hunting Lodge and will try to support it the best I can.  For what they have done for my family, but more importantly for what they do for all those other families around the world.

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