Interview with the creator and developer of GearScore

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You know that add-on that you love to hate? You know the one. Yeppers! The one and only GearScore! Well, Daewin and I had the opportunity to sit down and do an interview with the Creator and Developerof GearScore, Arxkanite.

You can go ahead and listen now or feel free to  download Episode 20 here (78) or on our iTunes, Zune Marketplace or Podcast RSS Feed.

Well, I can already see by the fact your cheeks are getting all red and blotchy that you’re like many others out there. Probably like me at one time. Let me guess.  You probably feel that feel GearScore really has no purpose in World of Warcraft.   Heck! You’ve probably even been the victim of someone misusing this add-on. Yes, I said misusing.  See, I’m not so sure anymore if GearScore is the bane to everyone’s existence like I did before.

Not too long ago, but after sever truly awesome randoms, I had a very similar experience that I have heard other having.  Only instead of getting voted out of the group, I just got whispered by someone that didn’t think I should run the heroic with them because my GearScore was too low.

TOO LOW? WTH!? Well we went through the entire thing and I’m happy to say my DPS was over the “1,500 DPS minimum,” I ended up with a nice shiny, and I still say the new Dungeon Finder is freaking awesome! (And before you say 1,500 is too low. Or how Nassira and I don’t exactly agree on this, let’s just say 1,500-2,000 is good enough and call it a day? Okay? Good.)

Anyways, back to our interview with Arxkanite and GearScore.

So Daewin and I didn’t really hold back any punches. We asked all kinds of stuff.

Things like what inspired Arxkanite to create GearScore. And how did he intend for GearScore to work versus how it’s being used. We also asked him to help explain the “How” not just step-by-step guide but what’s under the covers. (No, we didn’t go into the deep math, that would’ve just been boring.)

What about the claims about how accurate or inaccurate GearScore is? We talked about that also. How Arxkanite compared GearScore to iLevel and Blizzard’s own Dungeon Finder’s iLevel requirements.

I think, what impressed me most was how Arxkanite readily admitted to all the flaws in his current 3.0 version and was already working on releasing a 3.1 version.  The best part of the 3.1 version is how Arxkanite coded the GearScore with the logic based on a progression philosophy.  Now you can debate this philosophy (and I’m sure if you’re going after BiS itemization you just might.) but you have to admit it’s better than leaving it random.

All in all I really think this was a solid discussion and interview with Arxkanite.  So much so that what was to be a quick 10-15 minute interview segment for Episode 19 (Go get it if you haven’t already. What are you waiting for?) of The Hunting Lodge Podcast turned into an almost hour long Special Episode 20! And at the end of it all? I honestly think that this may be one of the most abused add-ons out there.

But that’s my opinion. Why don’t you listen to the interview yourself?   Then tell us what you think.  My money is that by the end of the interview you’ll agree with me.   I’m not saying you’re opinion on how people are using GearScore will change.  I still think it’s being misused and abused, but I do think you won’t view it with the same venom you have now.

So go ahead, take a listen or download Episode 20 here (78) or on our iTunes, Zune Marketplace or Podcast RSS Feed and listen to it later.

And when you’re done listening why not tell us what you thought?

What did you think before listening? Has anything changed?

What about how it’s being used versus what Arxkanite designed and intended it for? Or just general stuff like should we have more special episodes and interviews?

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