Best minecraft hosting companies of 2017

It seems ideal to many people that you have a chance to host your own game. Minecraft is known as one of the giant gaming industry and in 2009 it starts changing the entire universe of gaming. In 2009 the graphics of the gaming were quite basic.

Despite the basic graphics, it was people who keep it on the top. Here are some of the best Minecraft server hosts for you.


To manage the whole community of the Minecraft they took the initiative to build it from the ground and to keep it real for all the people. This has been built to make it for the highly sophisticated communities so they don’t need any kind of help from anyone.

If you’re a beginner then there is no better place than the Enjin and you will find it good to host. It’s customizable and they are adding more features to the place so you can make it better for the others and you can enjoy your starting.


Nitrous network is also providing a great platform to your gaming network. The server location of the host is America and Europe. If you are in this region then you can definitely have their amazing services around you.

The recommended players in Nitrous network is about 1-4 and the RAM is 512 MB. The starting price you have to pay in order to have their services is $3.18.

You are going to enjoy the features they are providing to the client.


Fragnet is also going great when we are talking about the big hosting sites. You can take advantage of this hosting service if you are living in the America, Europe, Russia, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Recommended players are from 1-20 which is an ideal for the people who like to compete with so many people at the same time. The RAM of the server is 1GB and the starting price is $12.99.


Mpserv is also providing a platform to the people who are willing to host their own game and who are looking for such a great place to compete with the others. The capacity of the players in this server is about 6-14 and the RAM is about 512MB.

This server is suitable for you if you are living in Chicago, Dallas, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle. The starting price you will pay for the playing is $4 which is affordable and easy to pay when you are passionate about the gaming.


Beastnode is known as one of the best platforms for the Minecraft lovers and they are providing their services to the Chicago, Phoenix, Amsterdam-Netherlands. If you are living in one of these places then you should go for the host.

They will be able to provide you a number of facilities which you are craving for.

The number of players who can play in this server is 1-15 and RAM is 1GB. The starting price you need to pay is $2.99.