How to Grow Your Instagram following if you’re an Online Gamer?

Online gamers that started their campaigns in the past few years have now obtained a huge number of followers. And their followers are increasing every day. But the new gamers are facing some trouble now as they are unable to reach the people that may show some interest in following them. Many people believe that there isn’t enough room for new gamers to grow their following. Therefore, they stop making efforts in this industry.

My opinion is a little bit different. I believe that gaming industry is an ever growing industry and there will always be enough room for the new gamers. So, instead of losing hope, these gamers should look for some mistakes they are making. And then they should start looking for the solutions so that they can increase their following on several social media platforms.

Currently, we’ll just talk about Instagram followers because most of the people are now looking to gain some followers on Instagram. In fact, these tips would also help in increasing your following on other social media platform. So, you should carefully read these tips and apply them to your Instagram and other social media platforms. Same as the one Molly Bloom was using back in the day.  Here are the ways to grow your Instagram followers if you are an online gamer.

Participate in conversations

There are always some conversations going on where people like to hear some tips from the experts. There are always some gamers that feel problem in accomplishing different levels. So, if you reply to their questions actively, they’d definitely follow you believing that you can help them complete some other levels in future.

Share clips on your timeline

Make sure that you regularly record the videos of the games that you play online. And don’t forget to share some clips on your timeline. There are different screen recorders that can be used for this purpose. Make sure that you add the hashtags whenever you are posting a clip. These hashtags will show your post to the people that are looking for a solution. Thus, you’d be able to reach the people that are not even your followers. And they’d definitely become your followers after visiting your profile.

Buy followers

There are some service providers that several services to grow your presence on social media. Some of these services are offering the services where they can help you increase your followers. Make sure that you use the free Instagram followers trial before purchasing the premium package. It will help you understand that whether they’d be able to help you or not.

Follow other gamers


Start following other gamers that have their profiles on Instagram. Thus, you’d get a chance to grow your following because these gamers would share your posts on their timelines if they found them interesting. Click Here and find some other ways to grow your Instagram followers if you are an online gamer.